Meet Walter Taylor

My work has been related to improving the lives of numerous children and adults who have needed professional help overcoming issues ranging from fetal trauma to court-ordered counseling for parent-child relations.

Born in Texas and educated in Texas and California. I have wide ranging knowledge of the human condition in settings as varied as India and inner-city Los Angeles. Therefore, I am quite humble before clients. I need to learn from you where your life experience has lead you. What is meaningful for you and what is not. My ‘tool-kits’ are quite extensive and I am often sought after ‘everything else’ has failed. Do your issues manifest somatically (in your body), psychologically (in your thoughts or emotions), or spiritually (in your heart and soul)?

Are you having a crisis of faith? Are you, or someone you love, re-entering the ‘normal’ world after living in an intense religious environment? I have a background in Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, Atheist and other traditions. This in turn has enriched my understanding of the human condition in both a spiritual and psychological sense. My Masters degree in Psychology (with a specialization in Child Studies) led me to child and family problem solving which range from  childhood traumas to marriage disharmony.

Sometimes therapy helps bring the light of understanding to the heart or mind. Sometimes therapy empowers the body to regain its natural health and resilience. Sometimes therapy opens channels of heart-felt love and communication. Sometimes therapy goes into the deep dark roots of issues, only to discover you have the light, power and wisdom to emerge in peace and beauty.

Some of my academic research has been published in a peer-review journal which is circulated worldwide. Let me help you find your own inner peaceful joy (I know it’s there) and then in turn, discover the beauty of the Mysteries of Life.

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Meet Amy Turner

Amy Turner

I lived in Querétaro, México with my family at the age of 12 and again at the age of 16, where I attended school in Spanish and developed a love for the language and culture of México, as well as a deep desire to serve the Latin American people. I have pursued this calling in both the fields of education and psychology. I have 6 years of experience as a high school ESL (English as a Second Language) and Regular Education English teacher, supporting students with immigrant and refugee status as well as students with cognitive and emotional disorders.  I am very comfortable with and have high respect for Aadiversity of race, religion, and culture. I also have 3 years of experience as a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology with a concentration on child therapy. During the past 2 years I have been translating and aiding Spanish-speaking adults and children in psychotherapy with therapist Walter Taylor. It is my great privilege to facilitate your healing from psychotherapy in this way.

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